Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Fully-dedicated virtual infrastructure, hosted and managed by 80 Galaxy, and available in 90 minutes. With the Managed Bare Metal Essentials range, opt for highly available VMware virtualization, and stay focused on your business.

Our principal areas of competition include:

Do-it-Yourself Solutions.

Businesses may choose to house and maintain their own IT systems, or use a colocation provider to house IT hardware and provide connectivity. Companies that provide colocation services include BELL, PEER1, EQUINIX, SAVVIS, and other telecommunications companies. We believe

that over time it will be hard for the vast majority of businesses to replicate the capabilities or achieve the low costs of service providers making the do-it-yourself option less attractive for many businesses.

IT Outsourcing Providers.

Businesses may choose to outsource their entire IT systems and staff to an outsourcing provider. Companies that provide IT outsourcing include CSC, HP, and IBM. Outsourcing has long been an option for only the largest companies due to the cost, complexity and duration of outsourcing contracts. Rarely is this a viable option for small and medium businesses with rapidly changing needs.

Hosting and Cloud Computing Providers.

Businesses may choose to use a hosting or cloud computing provider other than us to provide services and support for their IT systems. Competitors include SAVVIS, Softlayer, Verio, and others. We also face competition from large technology companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and, who continue to make large investments in cloud computing, however lack the personalized support and “boutique” experience 7L provides.

These key principles form the foundation of our business model, which is described in more detail below:

Service Reputation – We believe that excellent customer service creates customer loyalty, which in turn leads to higher profits and growth. We call our unique, industry-leading customer service model “Relentless Support,” because our entire company is focused on going above and beyond expectations in order to delight the customer.

Singular Focus – We are focused exclusively on providing computing power using dedicated and shared technologies. Modern computing infrastructure is complex and ever-changing, so this specialist focus has allowed us to build a productized set of services that are repeatable, efficient, high quality and valuable to customers. Our employees, systems, management practices and organizational processes are tuned to continuously improve our high volume hosting and cloud computing offerings. Many of our competitors have to balance their hosting and cloud computing lines of business with other areas of focus. These other products and services compete internally for the resources and talent needed to make hosting successful. Our exclusive focus on hosting enables us to more rapidly and accurately deploy, upgrade and scale our systems and services. This focus will allow for continued growth, company success, and guest satisfaction.

Portfolio Approach – Many hosting providers offer a limited set of services, or rely on third party reselling relationships to complete their hosting portfolio. Our portfolio of services allows us to deliver the right offering at the right budget for the customer. Because of the breadth of our portfolio, customers can host their entire environment with us, allowing them to benefit from the simplicity of working with one hosting specialist, rather than managing multiple providers. Additionally, our Hybrid Hosting approach allows customers the flexibility to combine both traditional and emerging services for a solution that best addresses their unique IT requirements.


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