80 Galaxy operates two “state-of-the art” colocation facilities in Toronto connected with over 50 network service providers internationally. 80 Galaxy facilities are optimized with multiply-redundant fiber-optic backbone connections to all major public cloud data centres globally. These facilities provide audited support for data warehousing in Canada.

Our colocation customers have access to multiple fiber-optic connectivity solutions through 20+ telco carriers, on a load-balanced network with preferential routing to the world’s most popular public cloud data centres, as well as cross-connects to our “Carrier Hotel” location for offsite backups and distributed networking support.

Colocation refers to customers housing their server(s) in our secure privately owned data centre. Customers have the choice to manage their servers by themselves, or they can also retain 80 Galaxy staff to manage their server(s) on their behalf. A colocation customer owns their servers, whereas Dedicated and Cloud hosting the customer leases the server hardware from 80 Galaxy, and the equipment is owned by us.

We can help with server moves and data centre relocation.

Our Integrated Approach

Hybrid Hosting is a combination of dedicated hosting and cloud computing services, which when combined, create a powerful solution for IT Departments. Each service has specific and unique customer benefits. As a result, we offer Hybrid Hosting, which provides our customers with a combination of dedicated hosting and cloud computing services that can be easily combined to address their changing and diverse needs.

Our principal areas of competition include:

Do-it-Yourself Solutions

Businesses may choose to house and maintain their own IT systems, or use a colocation provider to house IT hardware and provide connectivity. Companies that provide colocation services include BELL, PEER1, EQUINIX, SAVVIS, and other telecommunications companies. We believe

that over time it will be hard for the vast majority of businesses to replicate the capabilities or achieve the low costs of service providers making the do-it-yourself option less attractive for many businesses.

IT Outsourcing Providers.

Businesses may choose to outsource their entire IT systems and staff to an outsourcing provider. Companies that provide IT outsourcing include CSC, HP, and IBM. Outsourcing has long been an option for only the largest companies due to the cost, complexity and duration of outsourcing contracts. Rarely is this a viable option for small and medium businesses with rapidly changing needs.

Hosting and Cloud Computing Providers.

Businesses may choose to use a hosting or cloud computing provider other than us to provide services and support for their IT systems. Competitors include SAVVIS, Softlayer, Verio, and others. We also face competition from large technology companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and, who continue to make large investments in cloud computing, however lack the personalized support and “boutique” experience 7L provides.


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